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We’ve got big plans

Facility improvements

Augusta Health is moving forward with exciting new renovations, including updates to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Emergency Department (ED) and respiratory care services.

Renovations to the ICU will begin in early 2017, according to Lisa Cline, DNP, MBA, chief operating officer at Augusta Health. “We’re taking the ICU from an eight-bed unit to a 14-bed unit, and it will be a total renovation,” she says. “We will be redoing the floor, fixtures and bathrooms to give patients a bit more privacy and a better patient experience.”

The second big project is a new ED. Augusta Health is expanding it from 30 to 48 beds. “We see over 60,000 people a year, which is a very, very busy emergency department,” Cline says. “We’ve had some issues with overcrowding, and we’re excited to be expanding to better suit the community’s needs.”

Groundbreaking for the ED renovations will be in March 2017, and the expansion is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2019. The Augusta Health Foundation held its third annual Shades of Autumn, its signature event, in September 2016. It directed all proceeds toward an advanced critical care area in the new ED.

Last but not least, Augusta Health is renovating its respiratory care services. “Our respiratory care services are scattered throughout the facility, and we’re putting them in one central location,” Cline says. “We think this will make it easier for patients to access those needed services.”

Renovations to the obstetrics (OB) department are also currently under study.