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Tackling debt

We Care program offers patients a new way to pay off medical bills

Augusta Health recently partnered with Medfinancial to bring patients We Care, an extended payment program that helps patients pay their medical debts.

“This is part of our patient-centric approach at Augusta Health,” says George Semko, administrative director – revenue cycle.

“Now that health plans often have higher deductibles and more out-of-pocket expenses, we wanted to work with patients to settle their medical bills in an amicable way.”

We Care is available for any patient with a self-pay balance of $500–$15,000. No credit checks are required, and patients can easily sign up at Augusta Health, or through the We Care website, by completing a short application. We Care essentially offers patients an interest-free loan for up to three years, depending on the circumstances. For payment plans longer than 36 months and up to 60 months, there is a 7.25 percent annual percentage rate to the patient.

“The whole idea is to make payment easy for the patient, and not just paying the bill, but the whole payment process,” Semko says. “Patients are already dealing with the stress of a medical condition, and so we want to reduce the stress of their financial situation.”

Semko also hopes the program will help people avoid delaying services. “If a patient has to have an MRI and finds out the out-of-pocket cost, you can let them know they can spread that cost over three years,” he says. “So they have the option of getting the proper medical care they need now.”

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