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Cake Frost fundraiser

Augusta Health employees enjoyed the festivities of Cake Frost, in which teams faced off in a cake-decorating competition. The contest kicked off the Augusta Health Foundation’s 2019 Employee Giving Campaign.

This year, boosting fundraising for the foundation was a piece of cake

Inside a sugar-covered MRI machine, a Barbie doll waits patiently for her procedure. Close by, a mound of vanilla icing serves as the backdrop for rows of physician photographs. Employees are sporting chef hats and aprons, and work tirelessly on their masterpiece.

This vibrant, colorful scene was part of Cake Frost, a new event that kicked off the Augusta Health Foundation 2019 Employee Giving Campaign.

A clever take on the TV show “Cake Boss,” this one featured 18 teams of employees from 17 departments competing for prizes like “Best Team Spirit,” “Best Themed Cake,” “Most Pledges Collected” and “Most Money Raised.”

There was also a prize for “Cake Most Likely to Fall” (which was nabbed by a confection with a Thor action figure). Although the event was intended as a one-time kickoff, it proved so popular that many teams are already talking about what they’ll be doing next year, says Foundation Philanthropy Manager Sherri Heishman.

The Employee Giving Campaign has become an annual event at  Augusta Health, and many  employees contribute as a way to help other employees (see sidebar on bottom of page 23), patients and hospice. Cake Frost brought in more than $26,000 in charitable donations — with 100% of that money going toward patient care funds supporting cancer, hospice and the Employee Emergency Fund.

“This was a great event for the Foundation, but it also shows the incredible camaraderie at Augusta Health,” Heishman notes. “It’s a great example of how our employees work together. Whether that’s taking care of  patients or making a difference using  way too many sprinkles, they truly show what an amazing team we have here.”

To give to the Augusta Health Foundation, visit augustahealth.com/foundation, call (540) 332-5174 or email ahfoundation@augustahealth.com.