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Spotlight on the Spine Clinic

The above clinicians make up the Spine Clinic (l to r): Daniel Sullivan, DO; Neil Donovan, PA-C; Rachel Hallmark, MD, PhD; and Matthew Pollard, MD.

Augusta Health treats a range of back conditions

The Spine Clinic at Augusta Health treats patients suffering from a variety of neck and back problems. Its physicians have expertise in a wide range of spine-related conditions, allowing them to offer both operative and nonoperative treatments. The goal of the Spine Clinic is to treat patients in a minimally invasive way so patients can recover sooner, and provide outstanding surgical care when needed.

The clinic includes Matthew Pollard, MD, who has over 15 years of clinical experience and is one of only four surgeons in Virginia who is certified in both orthopedic and spine surgery. Also composing the clinic are Rachel Hallmark, MD, PhD, and Daniel Sullivan, DO, as well as physician assistant Neil Donovan. Drs. Hallmark and Sullivan are board-certified physiatrists, who are focused on the non-surgical treatment of spine conditions, and work closely with physical and occupational therapists.

Among the more serious conditions that the Spine Clinic treats are: radiculopathy (radiating arm or leg pain, sensory loss and/or weakness resulting from pressure on a spinal nerve), myelopathy (symptoms resulting from pressure on the spinal cord) and spine fractures (usually due to osteoporosis). The most common condition the clinic treats is neck or back pain, which may result from a variety of conditions including degenerative disc disease, arthritis or underlying mechanical or muscular issues.

Learn more about the Augusta Health Spine Clinic at, or call (540) 245-7400 (Staunton) or (540) 221-7400 (Waynesboro).