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Therapy allows patients to make the most of every day

Therapy helped Petter Pedersen, here with his wife, Norma, recover from two major health issues. He plans to continue therapy.

Augusta Health offers extensive therapy services

From minimally invasive surgery to treatment and support at the state-of-the-art Cancer Center, most people may know that they can turn to Augusta Health for exceptional care for many of their health concerns. What they may not know, however, is that Augusta Health provides a wide range of outpatient and inpatient therapy services. Whether they need physical or occupational therapy after a surgery or accident, or speech therapy due to a neurological injury or disorder, the Department of Therapy Services comprises highly trained therapists who are dedicated to patients’ well-being and helping them get back to their everyday lives.

“Several of our therapists are also certified specialists, which is hard to come by,” says Stephanie Mims, director of Therapy and Fitness Services. “In a hospital this size, you usually don’t have this many specialists.”

Having a staff of therapists with nationally recognized certifications also allows the department to offer advanced services that patients may not be able to find at other hospitals nearby. “For a lot of these services, you have to be certified in order to offer them,” adds Mims. “For example, there is no other certified lymphedema therapist within a 20-mile radius.”

Exceptional experience

Petter Pedersen, 81, recently underwent occupational therapy for lymphedema, along with physical therapy and aquatic therapy. He says he can’t say enough positive things about the therapy program at Augusta Health.

“Therapy is wonderful,” says Pedersen, who required therapy after prostate cancer surgery and a knee replacement. “The people in therapy are out of this world.”

An avid swimmer when he was younger, Pedersen particularly enjoyed the aquatic therapy and planned to continue it on his own along with other types of therapy. “I’m going to sign up to go back to the pool,” says Pedersen, a retired manager of a construction company.

Inpatient and outpatient

The benefit of having both inpatient and outpatient services, says Mims, is that when patients are admitted to the hospital for surgery or another reason, they can utilize inpatient therapy and then transition to outpatient therapy, all on one campus. “And because it’s all the same department,” she adds, “our therapists communicate with each other from one level of care to the next, which provides good continuation of care for our patients.”

In addition, the Department of Therapy Services stays abreast of high-quality, evidence-based treatments, so patients can be sure that they’re in good hands. “We’re staying up-to-date by attending courses and offering courses on-site for our therapists,” says Mims. “And we’re always doing process improvement for projects.”

If you think you could benefit from therapy services, contact your physician to get a referral. To learn more about the different services and for location contact information, visit augustahealth.com/therapy.