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After two short years, Augusta Health Foundation makes a difference through philanthropy

Moving into its third year, the Augusta Health Foundation not only has created significant momentum when it comes to securing gifts from donors, but it also has provided crucial funding to a breadth of patient programs that benefit the community.

“We so appreciate every single dollar we received, and we’re thrilled to be able to enhance the care offered here at Augusta Health by providing for new and expanded patient services. Through the Foundation, our donors advance the health of our community, patients, employees and local organizations,” says Foundation Director Tami Radecke.

In 2015, gifts and pledges to support the work of the Foundation exceeded $610,000 and enhanced patient care in many ways. Here are some highlights:

Living Better with Diabetes: This new program, developed by Augusta Health primary care physician Shelley Snodgrass, MD, is fully funded by the Foundation and aims to help people with diabetes manage their condition better. In addition to providing diabetic assessments, the program offers help with individualized workout plans, nutrition, weight loss strategies and blood glucose management.

“This will really help folks who have struggled to manage their diabetes because it gives very focused attention from caregivers,” says Radecke. “With monitoring, exercise and education, they can make meaningful changes that lower their numbers.”

Chronic Disease Management: Another important program, this effort targets low-income patients who qualify for financial assistance from Augusta Health. Often, even though appointments may be covered by that assistance, patients have struggled with obtaining at-home tools that can help them monitor chronic diseases.

As a result of this program, patients can get the resources they need, such as a blood pressure cuff to track hypertension issues or a device that measures oxygen levels for people with COPD. “This has been very successful with patients because it allows them to be more proactive in taking care of themselves,” Radecke says.

Healing Arts program for cancer patients

As part of Augusta Health’s commitment to cancer patients, a new Healing Arts program was initiated with seed money provided by the Foundation. Engaging in art, music and other forms of creative expression helps the patient de-stress and focus on the most important part of treatment: healing. In addition, integrative therapies such as massage, mindfulness exercises, yoga and meditation have a powerful impact on the patient’s healing process.

The broad range of programs that received funding reflects the Foundation’s commitment to providing philanthropy across numerous aspects of the community. Radecke notes that a common theme fits in with Augusta Health’s larger mission of creating a healthier community. “Our donors recognize that there are unmet needs, and they want to help us meet those,” she says. “We’re looking forward to another year of connecting with our community and those who will make a significant difference through philanthropy.”

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