new beginnings

Mary Mannix

Happy holidays! January marks the beginning of a new calendar year and the opportunity to set new health goals. Befitting the season, Augusta Health is starting anew in several ways. This issue we introduce the new name of our cancer center, the Augusta Health Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. As we explain, the new name is not due to changing services but rather to more aptly describe the range of clinical conditions that the center treats.

We are also pleased to formally introduce the Heart Failure Clinic, which opened in July 2018. The clinic provides education, resources and support for heart-failure patients. We are thrilled to be able to help discharged patients feel more comfortable and better able to manage their condition at home.

In addition, in this issue we talk about our telehealth program and the ways in which it is growing and changing to serve our patients’ needs. Learn more about this dynamic program and patient Peggy Spinks’ experience with telemedicine.

Also at this time of year, we think of people who need extra help. Find out what Augusta Health is doing to assist people in the community.

It is because of all of our patients that Augusta Health continues to push the envelope in terms of what we offer and who we can help. Take Teresa Layne, who brings joy to other chemotherapy patients with her fun hats. Then there is Karen Quick, who is back to the challenging CrossFit exercise program following her anterior hip replacement. And Gary Greer ventured 75 miles to undergo back surgery here at Augusta Health . Finally, Robert Paul, with his signature white beard, spreads happiness throughout the holiday season. Read about his act of generosity  in the Take Note section — which had been reserved for exceptional employee stories but now features inspirational patient stories as well.

There is more inside, including stories on sepsis, diabetes, lung cancer screening and sleep. Be sure to take a look.

Best wishes, and have a wonderful, healthy start to the New Year!

Mary N. Mannix, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Augusta Health