We will get through this together!

Mary Mannix

It’s become a mantra at Augusta Health, and it reflects the quiet strength of our staff and our community during these extraordinary times.

We all understood COVID-19 to be a formidable virus, but as the outbreak has unfolded, the magnitude of the situation has impacted us all. Together, we are facing an unpredictable infection in the only way we can if we are to subdue it—acting as a community and doing what it takes to limit the number of cases and the severity of the cases we experience.

It’s why we’ve all learned to practice social distancing to “flatten the curve,” why school buildings have closed for months, why some businesses have closed indefinitely and why other businesses that are critical for survival—like grocery stores and pharmacies—have doubled down on disinfecting and adapting their hours to serve the community as safely as possible.

It’s why our Augusta Health team has worked tirelessly on emergency plans and surge plans, practicing and drilling various scenarios as the situation changes. It’s why we’ve developed new and specific services like our COVID Care Call Center, staffed by nurses and open seven days a week to speak to those in the community who have questions and concerns, and even screen them over the phone. They are here for you; call them at (540) 332-5122.

It’s why you’ve been here for us. The messages of support and donations of supplies, like gloves and hand sanitizer—and especially masks, sewn by hand and with care from all around our community and delivered to the hospital—have overwhelmed us in a wonderful way. Our local business partners have sent treats and nourishment for our Augusta Health team members. It has overwhelmed us with gratitude, and their actions fill our hearts.

It’s why our physicians and staff continue to come to work and redeploy when necessary to areas where resources are needed, caring for the community while managing the uncertainty of what is to come. They are truly heroes, and we all can’t thank them enough.

This issue is filled with helpful, accurate and clear information to keep you and your family safe and healthy during this time. For current information about COVID-19 and how we’re addressing it as a community, visit our website, augustahealth.com. Other helpful websites are cdc.gov and vdh.virginia.gov.

We are a community. We care for and support each other. We will get through this together!

Mary N. Mannix, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Augusta Health