In full bloom

Mary Mannix
Ah, the end of summer. As we start to slow down in anticipation of shorter days ahead, we reflect on the energy, activity and enjoyment of the season. In many ways, summer mirrors the spirit of Augusta Health. As you’ll see in the coming pages, there is a lot happening at our hospital at the moment.

From major renovation and construction to the blooming of the AMI Farm at Augusta Health to the expansion of the Augusta Health Multispecialty Clinic in Lexington, we are growing at a healthy clip.

Amidst all the thrilling change, serving you remains our top priority. That is why we are pleased to unveil our new Central Scheduling Center this issue. Its number, (833) AHC-HLTH, or (833) 242-4584, is designed solely for making appointments; call it to make all of your new patient and primary care appointments. (Specialty appointment scheduling capabilities will be available in August.)

It also gives me joy to recognize the incredible people who work in the Augusta Health Anthem Member Assistance Center. When our hospital’s contract with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield expired at the end of 2017, this group worked long and hard to make sure that more than 10,000 patients received the help they needed regarding navigating insurance benefits. Kudos, team! I’m happy to report that, as of July 1, Augusta Health and Anthem have reached an agreement.

It is you, our patients, who drive us to be our best. Emily Rankin is a good example. A routine lung screening took her on a healthcare journey she never expected — and she is grateful to have come out of it healthy and strong.

Similarly, a venous ablation procedure was a life-changing experience for Steven Fines , who suffered with a vascular problem for nearly 20 years.

These stories and more (be sure to check out features on therapy and stroke services) make those of us who work at Augusta Health proud to do what we do.

Befitting the excitement of the season, our Moments Matter campaign is in the home stretch. We have been working to raise $100,000 by the end of July. If you’d like to be a part of achieving the vision of a bigger and better Emergency Department, please visit or call (540) 332-5174.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and have a happy and healthy fall!

Mary N. Mannix, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Augusta Health