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Convenience counts

Augusta Health Prescription Services offers quality, accessibility

The next time you’re in Fishersville, consider stopping at Augusta Health Prescription Services, a retail pharmacy that serves the Augusta Health campus and the surrounding community, to get your prescriptions filled or buy other medications.

Augusta Health Prescription Services provides prescription and over-the-counter medications, and the pharmacy’s proximity to Augusta Health and its doctors means it is a convenient stop to and from the hospital campus.

“We do have an advantage over our pharmacy neighbors in the area,” says Nancy Heidel, prescription services supervisor at Augusta Health Prescription Services. “Our pharmacists and technicians who help with discharge have access to the hospital computer records, and we have a working relationship with doctors and nurses in the hospital. So we have that connection that other places won’t have.”

In addition, the pharmacy is accessible, so patients of all abilities can fill prescriptions or purchase other over-the-counter medications, and a drive-thru window is available if you’re in a hurry.