Take Note

Behind the scenes of Augusta Health 

Discovering a little-known layer of care that wraps Augusta Health patients in comfort

Sarah Myers has been a part of the Augusta Health Laundry Department for nine years. During her time there, Myers has held various positions within the department and has worked her way up to a team lead role. She doesn’t plan to stop there, though. Her passion for process improvement, teamwork and patient care are what motivate her to continue to strive for excellence.

Myers mostly works behind the scenes and normally doesn’t have much interaction with patients. This gives her the motivation to leave a lasting impression on patients, whom she might never meet, in ways that she can. Myers is just one of the people responsible for delivering fresh linen to the patient floors and other areas of the hospital. Her team continuously inspects and folds all the linen to ensure it is clean and neatly delivered. “We want our patients to feel comfortable,” Myers says. “Most of them are here because they are sick or in need of surgery, so the least we can do is provide clean linen for them because don’t clean sheets make you feel good?” she says.

In the Laundry Department, Myers’ manager, Ron Holly, has entrusted her with various other duties, such as ordering supplies and linen, scheduling and staff evaluations. “We rarely have a routine day,” Myers says.

“A patient might lose something, and we will attempt to recover it, a floor might call for their gowns and linen ahead of schedule, or an accident that brings in many unexpected patients. You just never know what you’re going to walk into, but that’s why it’s important to keep an open mind and be ready for anything.”

Myers recalls one time in 2018 when a school bus accident brought in around 30 children. She and her team jumped into action gathering gowns, warm blankets and fresh linens to ensure each child had a clean bed and gown once they arrived. “It was above and beyond medical care! Every employee involved helped those frightened children feel safe after experiencing something so horrific,” she says. “We all felt so proud that day.”

Myers’ level of commitment to her department, patients and hospital go far beyond most expectations, and Augusta feels fortunate to have such a kindhearted employee.

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