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A heartfelt welcome

Kenneth Sternberg, DO, FACC, practices with Augusta Health Cardiology.

New interventional cardiologist on board

A new doctor has joined Augusta Health’s well-respected cardiology team: interventional cardiologist Ken Sternberg, DO, FACC.

After working at Martha Jefferson for eight years and in New Jersey before that, Dr. Sternberg brings a passion for the profession, as well as a background in major research. That combination of practice and analysis will benefit patients who need both general cardiology services as well as specialized care, such as stent placement.

“I’m looking forward to working with the other physicians to take our cardiology program to the next level,” he says.

Dr. Sternberg comes as the number of cardiology patients has been increasing in the valley. “Most of the country is seeing coronary problems declining or stabilizing, but we’re in one of the pockets where the disease is still not under control,” he points out. A growing senior population, high smoking levels and the prevalence of diabetes are making the need for cardiology options more acute, he adds.

Family affair

Growing up, Dr. Sternberg always wanted to be a physician to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather. But he didn’t choose a specialty until medical school, when cardiology offered the kind of fast pace and instant gratification he liked. “You don’t have to wait to see if your interventions are working when it comes to a heart attack,” he says. “You have the opportunity to stop it and get them back on track right away.”

It seems that a passion for medicine is still running in the family. Not only will his son join Augusta Health soon as a medical student, but Dr. Sternberg’s twin brother also is a physician and his nephew is in medical school. “It skipped a generation with my father, who was a lawyer and regretted becoming one,” he says. “But we’re on track now to keep the medical tradition going.”

Outside of Augusta Health, Dr. Sternberg keeps busy. An avid golfer and recently remarried, he has a blended family of seven sons, ranging in age from 10 to 26. His 16-year-old twins are among the highest ranked in the world for wake surfing, which means the physician spends a good deal of time traveling to competitions. Another son is about to start training as a Navy SEAL.

Looking ahead, Dr. Sternberg is hopeful that he can make a difference at Augusta Health, both in interventional cardiology, and in addressing vein diseases, an area of interest. He plans to start a program at the hospital to investigate these types of disease and put together prevention plans.

“I enjoy being at Augusta Health, which has done so much in terms of cardiology and continues to advance the field,” he says.