COVID-19 Guide

6 ways to bring normalcy back to your life

Tips to get you through our new normal

The pandemic has disrupted many of the routines that once kept our lives humming. Here are some ways you can bring predictability back to your schedule—an important element for mental and emotional health.

  1. Set a sleep schedule, and stick to it. Rest is crucial for everyone, especially developing children.
  2. Have consistent mealtimes, and use them as an opportunity for family bonding. These can also be a time to spark conversation and let your child ask questions about the virus.
  3. Dedicate a space in your home for your child or teen to play or relax independently. They need privacy and space just as much as family interaction.
  4. Invite kids to participate in household activities, such as gardening or cooking. These can be great learning experiences and also provide spaces for organic conversation.
  5. Help your child interact with their friends and relatives using technology or in person while following social-distancing and masking guidelines.
  6. Be mindful of the way you talk to others about the pandemic in front of your child. They will respond to the way you are outwardly handling the situation.